John Scarlett


October 26, 2003

Conducted by Joe Liles

Part 1



Now, I donít want to make any false statements in this interview because I am so near to the finishing line!  I was born March 1, 1920.  I was born in the cabin that still stands over there.  My father was William Green Scarlett.  He was nicknamed Bud Chris.  He built this cabin many years before I was born, and moved his wife Lula into it.  She helped build the back part of it.  My father was an old man when I was born.  I was the tenth child.  Two more came after me.


We only had lamp light in that cabin, and we only had wood heat.  We had a fireplace in the kitchen with a wood-fired cook stove over to the side.  We had a fireplace in the master bedroom and we had a wood heater in the front room.  We had kerosene lamps and lanterns.  There was never electricity in that house.  We never had no radio until I went into the military in í42.  I took the radio out of my 1935 Ford, and the battery out, and sat it in the house so she could play it and get her music.  The kitchen was separate.  It was set off from the other parts.  We made a dining room by connecting the kitchen to the rest of the house with German siding.  It was a two bedroom log cabin.  We had a little room that we used for kind of like a storage room.


My father farmed here at this place.  He rented land over there.  He farmed land down the road over there.  He sold some land and ended up buying some land up there off of Linden Road.  We would farm up there.  We would go to Wardsville School.  On beautiful days, we would go to school a half a day, then walk down University Station Road to where it linked to Linden Road in the vicinity of Highway 70.  And we would work Ďtil dark, come home by lantern light, go by the Power Plant, lantern on the wagon, and we would be ready for another day.  We had plenty of food but no money much and every kind of patch on our clothes but a turnip patch.  My father grew cotton.  He did a lot of truck farming.  He was near the Power Plant, and they would buy a lot of their vegetables, and salad, and potatoes, and corn, and all that from him.  We ate good but we didnít have a whole lot of money.


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